5 in 1 Air Sofa Bed-A Useful Furniture for Your Home

Have you had ever felt embarrassed when your friends arrive your home without any notice and you don’t know how to provide them comfortable seating and sleeping options? If yes, then its time that you should get yourself a new furniture. Now you must be wondering that what should be your latest purchase in furniture’s. Whether it should be a bed or sofa?


Bringing brand new sofa to your furnishing will create enough seating space. However, what if you have overnight guest? You will then need more sleeping space as well. In such a scenario, what is best to get yourself a combo which includes the properties both a bed and a sofa. One such product is known as 5 in 1 air sofa bed.



5 in 1 Air sofa bed is a high quality multipurpose furniture to have at home. The unique product can be equipped in 5 different ways, including a luxurious lounger, relaxed recliner, comfy sofa set, perfect sleeping bed and children’s high rise sleeper. This 5 in 1 multipurpose sitting sum sleeping solution is ideal to keep at home to provide maximum comfort to your guests. 5 in 1 Air sofa bed looks beautiful and will go very well with all the different types of furnishings in your home.

You can keep it anywhere be it in the living room, drawing room, bed room, or even in your garden while your kids are playing or having fun. One of the best things about this invention is that it can be inflated or deflated as per your requirement with great ease. When not in use, simply deflate it, fold it and keep it anywhere under the bed or behind almirah. The product is perfect for overnight guests, parties, sleepovers and visiting friends and family members. 5 in 1 air sofa bed is a perfect furniture to be used both inside and outside your home. It looks good and it also offers a lot of comfort. So, if you wanted to have a furniture which is high in quality as well as in style, then air sofa bed is an amazing option for you!